Floup Banniere

Floup is a animation review app to ease communication in an animation team.

You can pretty much do anything basic as:

- Importing videos (from menu or drag and drop)
- Saving current scene to .floup file
- Importing .floup project file (from menu or drag and drop)
- Draw with pen tool with different colors and different brush sizes
- Erase with eraser tool
- Clear canvas to delete every strokes
- Show & hide drawing's layer
- Copy & paste drawing to another frame
- Export project to video
- Export specific frame to .png file
- Play video in (almost) realtime (with loop feature)
- Scroll through video frame by frame (through timeline or shortcuts)
- Jump from keyframe to keyframe for faster navigation
- Launch Floup through cmd line : floup_launcher.exe path/to/your/video/file/or/project.extension

You can download this app here : floup 0.0.1a !


- Download .zip
- Extract .zip
- Open extracted folder and launch floup_launcher.exe
- Drag and Drop your video file or open it through the menu (also works with floup project)
- Draw reviews !